Evidence-based Policy Modeling

Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence for STI analysis and modeling

  • D3.1 Scalable NLP pipelines

    The Intelcomp NLP pipeline can be defined as a collection of tools that apply the requested transformations to unstructured textual data, which will be used by the Intelcomp services (document classification, subcorpus generation, topic modeling, etc.) as a preliminary step to process the datasets of interest.

  • Deliverable 3.3. System for Subcorpus Generation

    Task 3.3 proposes to design a system that allows identifying the documents belonging to a target domain (e.g. cancer, artificial intelligence, etc.) through an expert-in-the-loop approach that allows integrating expert knowledge in the classification model.

Engagement, Dissemination and Sustainability

  • D7.5 Dissemination and Communication Report

    This monitoring report on the execution of the Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP) of the IntelComp Project describes the communication channels and materials developed to reach the main target groups of the Plan: Public Administration, Society, Industry and Academia.

Project Management and Coordination

  • D8.2 Data management plan

    This deliverable provides an overview of the activities characterizing data management in the project based on the Horizon 2020 policy and FAIR guidelines. This version of the DMP details the types of datasets collected, generated and used within the project, focusing on re-used datasets, and draws a first picture of how they are expected to be handled by / in the IntelComp STI Data Space.