EGI Conference Workshop

EGI Conference - Workshop ""Disruptive technologies accelerating data-driven policymaking in the public sector"

20 September 2022 15:45

This year’s EGI Conference, hosted by EGI and CESNET, took place on 20-22 September 2022 in Prague.

The annual EGI conference is widely recognised as the venue that brings together like-minded professionals from the world of science and scientific computing. During EGI2022, we will look towards the future - how will innovative computing services and solutions help to build a better research ecosystem? How can we work towards innovation? And what opportunities are there for new collaborations?

Together for Tomorrow - join us on a journey of turning ideas into reality, recognising the fact that big ideas require collaboration.

EGI2022 consisted of plenary sessions and breakout sessions, posters and demo sessions, and social events to allow learning and networking. 

Data Driven Policy Cluster Workshop at the EGI2022

During the EGI 2022 workshop, the cluster demonstrated technologies developed to advance decision making in the public sector. The cluster will engage the EGI2022 attendees in discussion on the state of the art of these technologies and their adaptability.

The Data Driven Policy Cluster had a workshop at the event on "Disruptive technologies accelerating data-driven policymaking in the public sector" jointly organised by PolicyCloud, DECIDO, AI4PublicPolicy, IntelComp, DUET, a two-hour workshop focused on the following:

  • Data usage improving public policies and policymaking, to be illustrated by the project pilots (e.g., forecasting and transferability);
  • How could different pilots use each other's data?

Here is the amazing lineup of speakers:

This session aims to raise awareness of the cluster of projects and disruptive technologies they develop for the public sector. In addition, the session will foster collaboration between the EGI researchers and the public authorities in the decision making with the use of research data and advanced tools for the benefit of society

The Data Driven Policy Cluster showcases the joint network of:

  • AI4PublicPolicyAI for Public Policy (AI4PP) project is a joint effort of policy makers and Cloud/AI experts to unveil AI’s potential for automated, transparent and citizen-centric development of public policies. The project will deliver, validate and promote the AI4PublicPolicy Platform,offering innovative policy management on unique AI technologies. The AI4PublicPolicy Virtualized Policy Management Environment(VPME) integrated with EOSC facilitates access to the Cloud and HPC resources required to enable the project’s AI tools and to wider use of the project’s developments.
  • DECIDO: the eviDEnce and Cloud for more InformeD and effective pOlicies (DECIDO) project aims to boost the use of EOSC by Public Authorities enabling innovation in the policy-making sector allowing cross-support and cross-collaboration, using secure compute and data-intensive services. Decido involves citizens and local communities through co-creation activities for better-targeted policies.
  • DUETthe Digital Urban European Twins (DUET) project is an EU initiative that leverages the advanced capabilities of the cloud, sensor data, and analytics in Digital Twins, to develop more democratic and effective public sector decision-making.DUET Digital Twins provide virtual city replicas which simplify the understanding of the complex interrelation between traffic, air quality, noise and other urban factors. Powerful analytics predict the impacts of potential change to make better evidence-based operational decisions and long-term policy choices.
  • IntelComp: develops a Competitive Intelligence Cloud/HPC Platform for AI-based Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy-Making. Multi-disciplinary teams will co-develop analytics services, Natural Language Processing pipelines, and AI workflows, exploiting EOSC open data and resources, HPC environments and federated operations at the EU, national and regional levels. In ensuring a cooperative environment, different actors visualize, interact and analyze information. Through co-creation, IntelComp will adopt a living labs approach, engaging public policy makers, academia, industry, SMEs, local actors, and citizens to explore, experiment with and evaluate STI policies. IntelComp is targeting domains aligned with the European Agenda and the Horizon Europe Missions: AI, Climate Change, and Health.
  • PolicyCloud: exploits the potential of digitisation, big data and cloud to improve the modeling, creation and implementation of policies. Delivering a unique, integrated environment of datasets, data management, and analytic tools it addresses the full lifecycle of policy management in four thematic areas (radicalisation, food-value chain, city environment, and city services), leveraging the data management capabilities of the EOSC Initiative. The Project empowers the Citizens to contribute to data and policies related to their everyday life. The onboarding of these solutions in the EOSC Portal offers a great opportunity to reach a wide audience.