A Competitive Intelligence Cloud/High Performance Computing Platform for Artificial Intelligence-based Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Making.

Large Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) datasets are processed on High Performance Computing (HPC) environment part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) imitative. Public administration at all geographical and organizational levels, STI stakeholders and civil society produce a great amount of dynamic, multilingual and heterogeneous data (i.e. national STI strategies, plans and work programmes, calls, projects, reports, scientific publications, patents, dissemination articles, etc.), so understanding and analyzing this data is crucial for evidence-based policy making.

The objective of IntelComp is to deliver a platform that provides tools for assisting the whole spectrum of STI policy, i.e., agenda setting, modeling design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Evidence-based Policy Modeling
IntelComp Science, Technology and Innovation Data Space
Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence for STI analysis and modeling
Advanced visualization & user experience
IntelComp platform deployment & operation
Living Labs applied to Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Health. IntelComp tools co-creation
Engagement, Dissemination and Sustainability
Project Management and Coordination
Ethics requirements