IntelComp Integrated Solution

Professional Services related to the IntelComp Integrated Solution


The entire IntelComp Integrated Solution encompasses the 6 tools developed in the project: STI Dataspace, Interactive Model Trainer, STI Viewer, STI Policy Participation Portal, Evaluation Workbench, and Graph Explorer. Professional services can be offered concerning the integrated solution or a set of tools: customization, integration, deployment, maintenance, support services, etc.

Target Audience

Different kinds of players in the science, technology and innovation policy realm: policy makers, policy analysts, call managers, representatives from policy stakeholders (academia, industry and citizen organizations).

Benefits to Users

The Integrated Solution improves and automates tasks to assist public administrations in several stages of the policy-cycle (agenda setting or intelligence gathering, policy formulation, policy implementation and policy monitoring). It also assists all relevant stakeholders (academia, industry, and citizens) to engage in policymaking.




Contact For Adoption

Joseba Sanmartín (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – FECYT – Coordinator of the IntelComp project)