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As Climate Change is a very broad theme, the Climate Change Living Lab -led by the IntelComp partner ARC (Athena Research Center) in Greece- organized 7 preparatory workshops to decide the topics that seem to interest more policymakers and policy stakeholders from academia, industry and society: energy and agrifood. Then, the Living Lab organized 4 workshops addressed to policymakers and policy stakeholders related to energy and agrifood, with the following objectives:

  • Determine the principles and guidelines policymakers use to develop policies.
  • Identify the needs of policymakers regarding the creation of IntelComp tools that will assist them in formulating better energy and agrifood policies.
  • Validate and expand the IntelComp tools.
  • Feed these requirements into the development and expansion of the IntelComp tools.

The Living Lab closed with a national infoday in Greece in November 2023 (see video below -in Greek-). The conference centered on the role and impact of science, technology and innovation in facilitating national adaptation and management strategies for climate change impacts, and included 2 workshops to demonstrate two IntelComp tools: the STI Viewer and the STI Policy Participation Portal.

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The conference focused on the contribution and contribution of Science - Technology - Innovation (STI) on the way to national adaptation and management of the effects of Climate Change.


IntelComp Climate Change Living Lab “Agri-Food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation”

This workshop focused on the “Agri-food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation” and took place on Thursday, 5th of October 2023. The workshop was organized by ATHENA RC and is part of the Adaptation to Climate Change Living Lab.

Agri-food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation

CLIMATE CHANGE LIVING LAB: STI Viewer Workshop - Agri-food

H2020 IntelComp project aims to deliver a platform that provides tools for assisting the whole s