IntelComp Integrated Solution

STI Viewer


The STI Viewer is a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence-assisted tool, specifically designed for policy makers and public administrations, offering a unique understanding of the current science, technology and innovation landscape and its evolution over time. This tool provides both basic and advanced visualizations, analyzing structured and unstructured data, to help in observing emerging topics, detecting key players, and understanding the distribution of funding. Leveraging IntelComp integrated components like natural language processing pipelines, machine translation, and more, users can evaluate and compare their own datasets against publicly available datasets housed in the IntelComp STI Dataspace. This allows them to undertake inter-corpus comparisons and observe geographical disparities. Furthermore, the STI Viewer offers insights relating to the societal impact of funding in certain thematic fields, taking into account various metrics such as patents, publications, etc.

Target Audience

Different kinds of players in the policy ecosystem, i.e., not just policymakers and public administrations but also policy advisers/analysts and experts working in the science, technology and innovation field, in general.

Benefits to Users

The functionalities of the STI Viewer allows users to gain deeper insights into aspects such as:

  • The current Science, Technology and Innovation thematic distribution
  • The evolution of the Science, Technology and Innovation landscape
  • Emerging scientific areas
  • The responsiveness of funded thematic fields to societal needs and demands
  • The prominence of certain institutions and researchers in unique domains
  • The impact of funded projects
Athena Research Center (ARC)

Communication & Information Technologies Experts (CITE)

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)


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