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Evaluation Workbench


The Evaluation Workbench is an application to assist officials at funding agencies in the evaluation of proposals for funding in programs supporting science, technology and innovation activities. Streamlining and standardizing the evaluation process, it not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a user-friendly experience, even for non-experts. This tool offers a variety of features such as document topic analysis, similarity search, and automatic classification.

An introduction to IntelComp's Evaluation Workbench.

Target Audience

Call managers at science, technology and innovation funding agencies / public administration officials who manage proposals for funding.

Benefits to Users

This application supports multiple tasks like identifying potential evaluators whose expertise aligns with the thematic area under evaluation, comparing proposals with funded projects, and ensuring proposals' novelty. The Evaluation Workbench is instrumental in avoiding the re-funding of similar or twin projects by checking if a proposal has been previously funded. Therefore, this tool helps in answering key questions like:

  • Who are the experts in various fields that can serve as evaluators?
  • How could proposals be classified?
  • Has this proposal (or a very similar one) been funded before?
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Communication & Information Technologies Experts (CITE)

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)


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