IntelComp Information Event New Era

Information Day on a new era of STI policy making with AI

14 December 2023 09:00
Opportunities, Understanding the Limitations and Risks

The event's primary goal is to facilitate interaction among those responsible for formulating policies and those who can help improve that process by providing access to cutting-edge data and technology, as well as those who will be directly impacted by those policies. 

Results from IntelComp will be presented, i.e., the dataspace,  methodologies and AI tools we applied on several stages of STI policy (agenda setting, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) in the areas of Cancer Research, R&D in AI and Climate Change,  how we facilitated participatory design, the challenges we met and the lessons we learnt. Also will include perspectives from policy makers, data scientists, and consultants on the challenges associated with the use of AI in policy making and its gradual introduction from the beginning. 

The expectation is that the discussions will assist us in reaching a consensus on the opportunities brought about by the new technologies, that they will provide feedback on the risks associated with them, and that they will help us avoid making mistakes so that we can formulate a collective action plan for all parties involved.

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