IntelComp AI Living Lab - STI Viewer workshop

IntelComp AI Living Lab - STI Viewer workshop

27 September 2023 10:00

Last September 27th a session of the STI Viewer tool took place in the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), under Artificial Intelligence Living Lab which is leading by the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA). STI Viewer is an AI-based interactive data and visualization platform for monitoring, evaluation, and policy development. The tool is built around a set of well-documented, reliable, and timely indicators that can be divided into multiple dimensions for in-depth analysis. In that sense, it can be very useful in the decision-making of those responsible for public policies linked to science, technology, and innovation.


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The event, had a hybrid nature (it could be followed both in person and online), started with a welcome from Almudena Claudio, Director of Technological Innovation and Digitalization at FECYT, who gave way to a round of personal presentations from the attendees. Thereafter, Joseba Sanmartín, also from FECYT, briefly explained the current situation of the Intelcomp project and its next steps, to then delve into the explanation of the main characteristics and potential of the STI Viewer tool and its relationship with other tools of the project.

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After the introduction of the tool, David Gago, Coordinator of the AI Living Lab from SEDIA, explained the basic foundations of STI Viewer applied to the field of the AI ​​use case from the perspective of the two main functionalities that power it (domain classification and topic modelling). He then proceeded to carry out a demo so that attendees could learn first-hand about the tool and view some of the indicators already available, linked to the field of science and technology, both for the European Union and Spain.


The STI Viewer demo aroused a high level of interest and interaction from the attendees, who had diverse profiles, although with a greater presence of those responsible for public policies. In addition, they were invited to ask any questions they had and were helped to learn more about the tool.



Agenda and speakers


Welcome and openings

Almudena Claudio – Head of Technological Innovation & Digitisation FECYT


IntelComp: where we are and next steps

Joseba Sanmartin – Policy Analyst FECYT


The role of STI Viewer in IntelComp: main tools & functionalities.

Joseba Sanmartin – Policy Analyst FECYT 

10: 30h-10.55h

STI Viewer demo for the Spanish AI use case

David Gago- AI Living lab coordinator- SEDIA


Wrapping up: Q&As


Coffee & networking