LL Climate Change Workshop

Living Lab Climate Change Workshop "IntelComp STI Viewer tool for Academia & Industry"

08 December 2022 07:08

On the 08th of December 2022, a workshop of the Adaptation to Climate Change Living Lab took place, titled "IntelComp STI Viewer tool for Academia & Industry". The goal of the workshop was to familiarize participants from the industry and academia with the STI Viewer, an Interactive AI-assisted, data and visualization platform for monitoring, evaluation & policy making.

Following a brief energizer, representatives from the energy industry and academia in Greece had the opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding the energy transition, demonstrate their needs and demands, and present what would be helpful in their day-to-day work in policy advice and new technology monitoring. Dr Ioanna Grypari then gave a demonstration of the STI Viewer, highlighting the features it currently has and will eventually have. Finally, the participants were asked to provide their ideas about how they might use and incorporate the STI Viewer into their work. The lively conversation revealed several ideas for how the tool could be improved, and the work of IntelComp was introduced to influential business figures.

The workshop was joined by Elpedison, a leading company in electricity production and supply, Electra Energy Cooperative, a certified social cooperative that supports the transition to a democratic, efficient and sustainable energy system, DAPEEP, the RES market operator, HFRI, the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation, and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, while Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, School of Economics and ReSEES Laboratory, Athens University of Economics and Business; Department of Technology, Management and Economics, Technical University of Denmark; Sustainable Development Unit, ATHENA RC; Sustainable Development Solutions Network-Europe; Academia Europea, discussed the Energy market, the European Policies and how Science and Policy Making can be further connected with the tool development.

Finally, the workshop concluded by ensuring that we will meet again and that the workshop was the start of an open dialogue with Greece's energy industry and academia, intending to develop a useful tool to aid in policy making. Participants expressed an interest in user testing in this regard. The workshop was held in Greek to allow the guests to freely express their opinions.

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