IntelComp Integrated Solution

IntelComp Science, Technology and Innovation Dataspace


The IntelComp Catalogue offers a single store of data collections to be exploited by the IntelComp tools. It allows the processing of a variety of documents, unifying them and enriching the information to obtain improved and more complete results.

Target Audience

End-users interested on enriched datasets.

Benefits to Users

It is a necessary module for IntelComp's main tools that need to run on big science, technology and innovation data. The catalogue operates as the main point of data request for IntelComp data selections and further analysis by other tools. Information on IntelComp Catalogue distinguishes its operations among users with different access rights (data owner, data ingestor and data processor)

Athena Research Center (ARC)

Communication & Information Technologies Experts (CITE)


University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)


Open-source result