IntelComp Integrated Solution

Interactive Model Trainer


The Interactive Model Trainer is a tool designed for experts in a scientific or technological domain and data scientists. This interactive tool provides the capability to train, edit, and curate topic models, as well as to generate sub-corpora and evaluate models in a user-friendly manner. Leveraging the IntelComp back-end architecture and components, users can actively engage in the process of creating and training their own models, ensuring a 'human-in-the-loop' approach and unbiased data selection.

Target Audience

Experts in a scientific or technological domain and data scientists.

Benefits to Users

The new models trained in the Interactive Model Trainer feed the IntelComp end-users’ tools: the STI Viewer, the STI Participation Portal, the Graph Explorer and the Evaluation Workbench. Users can customize their analyses, comparisons, and visualizations according to the newly trained models, empowering users to tailor their models to specific needs.

Communication & Information Technologies Experts (CITE)

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)


Open-source result