Hand touching a ball of data from which profiles are emerging


21 March 2023 09:00

On 21 March 2023, SEDIA (Spanish Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence) hosted a training session on the Interactive Model Trainer (IMT) tool, linked to the IntelComp project, of which SEDIA is a member. The session was led by Professor Jerónimo Arenas, from the Carlos III University of Madrid, the organisation responsible for the technical coordination of the project.  The session was attended, in addition to people linked to the Carlos III University itself, members of the SEDIA team involved in the IntelComp project, as well as people who are members of SEDIA but not involved in the project.

Professor Jerónimo Arenas began the session with a brief introduction of the main objectives of IntelComp, as well as its main tools and their differential elements, to then focus on the Interactive Model Trainer (IMT) tool, highlighting the relationship it has with the rest of the intelComp tools and its differential role within the project. In this sense, he emphasised how IMT aims to create and train models, not to exploit them, and its essence is co-creation, given that the users of the tool can act as "curators", thus optimising its features.

Jerónimo Arenas presenting the IMT to the participants

The closing phase of the training session was devoted to a demo of IMT, and a brief dialogue with questions and answers. The demo consisted mainly of using the functionalities already installed in the tool in a web environment: access to the tool, selection of the corpus we want to work on (from the databases already ingested), creation of our own corpus, import of (external) corpus and exploration of the logical corpora functionality for model training.

With this session, the final stage of implementation and co-creation of the IntelComp tools begins, a project that is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.