A Competitive Intelligence Cloud/High Performance Computing Platform for Artificial Intelligence-based Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Making.

Large Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) datasets are processed on High Performance Computing (HPC) environment part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) imitative. Public administration at all geographical and organizational levels, STI stakeholders and civil society produce a great amount of dynamic, multilingual and heterogeneous data (i.e. national STI strategies, plans and work programmes, calls, projects, reports, scientific publications, patents, dissemination articles, etc.), so understanding and analyzing this data is crucial for evidence-based policy making.

The objective of IntelComp is to deliver a platform that provides tools for assisting the whole spectrum of STI policy, i.e., agenda setting, modeling design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Open Source Platform

The IntelComp platform allows access to its source code to users or developers.

The repositories hosting the IntelComp Applications and AI toolboxes in GitHub are open source to facilitate their use and expansion beyond the scope of the project. Users can choose the applications and customize and integrate them in their own processes.


Solutions based on artificial intelligence for improving and automatizing tasks of governments and research funders in several stages of the policy-cycle: solutions to gather intelligence, engage policy stakeholders, data-driven decisions for funding, proposal management and program monitoring and evaluation.

The IntelComp Integrated Solution encompasses 6 tools for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policymaking: STI Dataspace, Interactive Model Trainer, STI Viewer, STI Policy Participation Portal, Evaluation Workbench, and Graph Explorer.

Professional Services related to the IntelComp Integrated Solution

The IntelComp integrated solution encompasses the 6 tools developed in the project. Professional services can be offered concerning the integrated solution or a set of tools: customization, integration, deployment, maintenance or support services.

STI Viewer

AI-assisted tool, specifically designed for policy makers and public administrations, offering a unique understanding of the current science, technology and innovation landscape and its evolution over time.

STI Policy Participation Portal

Tool designed to facilitate the integration of diverse stakeholder input into science, technology and innovation policy-making processes promoting active participation from various groups engaged in science, technology and innovation policy.

Evaluation Workbench

A tool designed for public administration officials to evaluate grant proposals

Graph Explorer

Interactive AI-assisted tool based on knowledge graphs to understand the current science, technology and innovation landscape and its evolution, explore thematic communities, and learn about the thematic distribution and the evolution of public funding.

Policy briefs

The IntelComp project has produced 3 policy briefs aimed at policymakers/research funders on the IntelComp tools’ benefits for policymaking in science, technology and innovation.

Policy Brief on the IntelComp Project Insights Into the Use of AI Tools for STI Policy

The work in the IntelComp project showed that the ability to leverage vast amounts of data from various sources (both new and conventional) and the potential to utilise cutting-edge AI Models (including deep learning, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models) tailored for STI policy, will equip policymakers with a versatile toolbox.

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Policy Brief on the Approach of the IntelComp Project to Use Artificial Intelligence Tools for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

A synthesis of the approach of the IntelComp project to use artificial intelligence-based tools for science, technology and innovation policy.

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Policy brief on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy

A generic brief on the use of these tools in artificial intelligence-based tools for science, technology and innovation policy.

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Living Lab Use Cases

The IntelComp Integrated Solution has been co-designed and tested in 3 complex domains: R&D for artificial intelligence; science, technology and innovation activities for sustainable energy and agrifood; and cancer research. These use cases followed a living lab methodology involving public administrations and policy stakeholders from academia, industry and civil society organisations. Set in France, Greece and Spain, the Living Labs showed the applicability and re-usability of the IntelComp Integrated Solution in different countries and scientific and technological domainsLearn more

Scientific publications

The IntelComp Project has produced 8 scientific publications in open access repositories to make our results public to scientific communities researching in Natural Language Processing and in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Sustainable Development.

Year: 2023
Author/s: Marc Pàmies, Joan Llop, Francesco Multari, Nicolau Duran, César Parra, Aitor Gonzalez, Francesco Massucci, Marta Villegas
Published in: Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Year: 2023
Author/s: Lorena Calvo-Bartolome, Jose Antonio Espinosa-Melchor and Jerónimo Arenas García
Published in: Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations
Year: 2023
Author/s: Sotiris Kotitsas, Dimitris Pappas, Natalia Manola and Haris Papageorgiou
Published in: Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics

Project Reports

The project's progress and results were recorded in a series of project deliverables, 19 of which are Open Access. Access the project reports and discover the details of the work performed by IntelComp

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